Monday, February 18, 2008

Cow Girl!

Brad was working on Steve and Alicia's car and we were hanging out in the living room. The kids were all playing upstairs with Andrew (their little boy). All of a sudden, Annaliese appears at the top of the stairs in this cowboy/girl getup. It was hilarious! Just look at her grin!

I tried to get a picture of all the kids together and none of them really turned out that great - too much grandstanding. But, I got a good picture of Jackson and Andrew.

Ski Trip

Brad and I took a little ski trip to Galena last weekend. We went with our friends, Mark and Jenna. Brad's parents watched the kids all weekend. We left on Saturday morning and stayed at the Stoney Creek Inn. We couldn't check in right away, so we headed to Chestnut Mountain. It has been at least nine years since we last skied, so we were a little out of practice, very slow going to start.
Of course, we picked one of the coldest weekends to go. The morning wasn't bad but after lunch - not so great. The winds picked up and the temperature dropped. I think by 4:00 it was already in the teens. So, after lunch, I only did another three runs or so and left the skiing to them. I wish that we would have gotten more pictures of our hotel and going out that evening, but I wasn't thinking about that. Needless to say, it was a very expensive day for how little we skied, but at least we did it.
Our hotel was fabulous, if you don't count the church group kids that were running through the halls, banging on doors, until after midnight. We weren't the only ones annoyed with it - at check out the next morning, everyone was complaining. Brad talked to the manager Monday and they sent us a free voucher to stay there again. We plan on taking the kids sometime this spring. They have rooms that have bunk beds in it, which will be perfect.