Monday, June 20, 2011


The start of summer means I haven't really gotten into a schedule yet. Thus, the delay in posting anything lately. The kids are all out of school now. Summer is in full swing and it's been either very cold and rainy or very hot. Where's the happy medium?! Here's a little of what's been keeping us busy~

Anderson completed his first year of preschool. He made some great little friends. The picture of the four of them above, Sybil, Luke and Julia (twins) with Anderson between the two. I have so enjoyed seeing Anderson have his own friends. And even more than that, I have made two great friends out of the deal as well, Gretchen and Sarah, their mothers.  
We have been doing park play dates. Cedar Falls has quite a few nice parks. I  think there are even some that I've never been to, we'll fix that! 
Work on the house is never-ending. But, the garage is mostly done now. We still need to get a few windows in the upstairs, but it's so nice to have that additional space to work in.

Hailey discovered it was flag day. Her and the kids threw an impromptu Flag Day Parade. They made flags using paper, bamboo skewers and masking tape. They gave us all invitations to the parade and even provided seating (as noted on the invitation). It was all very cute. They are so creative! 

We just finished VBS. The theme this year was Super Heroes. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it.
They look pretty strong don't they?! 
We went golfing with Hailey and Jackson for Father's Day. Hailey wanted to wear matching shirts. We did it as a best shot and had a lot of fun. It's hard to beat golfing with the kids. After finishing golf, we picked up the other kids at home and went to the Brown Bottle for a late dinner.
 Brad said it was the best Father's Day ever. It's hard to argue with that. 

~ Misty