Sunday, January 13, 2008

Haircut for the Little Man

So everyone has been giving me a hard time about Anderson's hair, that it's too long in back. Does anyone offer to take him to get it cut? NO!!! They make me do it and get embarassed at the salon. He SCREAMED the entire time! Just like his first haircut. I had all the kids with me and they tried to help as much as three kids can when the fourth is screaming his head off. Anderson is sleeping now so I will get a picture of him when he wakes up with his new "do". It's not the best cut because he was moving around so much, but it's better than it was. Truthfully, it sounded like he was at the doctor getting shots. I am not kidding - just ask the kids. I vote for Brad to take him next time. He does look like a Little Man now - and still really cute! His isn't as hard to cut as Jackson's was. Jackson had all those curls and they never grew back. Anderson's is just straight as can be. (Oh - I forgot to mention the gal cutting his hair cut her finger because he was squirming so much. I consider that an "occupational hazard") I'm just sayin'....

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