Monday, March 31, 2008

Hailey Gets Earrings

Eager Anticipation!

Getting it Done! (Notice favorite aunt Michelle holding her hands)

Hailey turned the big "7" on March 22nd. She has been anxiously awaiting this event for quite some time. I have always told her that to have her ears pierced she had to be seven. So, having the memory that she has, she has been eagerly anticipating this day since she was about four. In thinking of how I could make this as memorable as possible for her, I thought I would take her to Minnesota, the Mall of America and to see her favorite Aunt Michelle.
Hailey and Jackson both had spring break for the week before her birthday. I asked my dad to take Jackson so I would only have three kids to cart up there. Jackson ended up getting sick that morning which we just shrugged off as something that he ate. (Wrong!) My dad wasn't bothered by it, so we left about 8:30 to head up there. Hailey and the rest of the kids had no idea where we were going. Total surprise! I even got their bags packed and a cooler in the car without her questioning it. (Although on the way there, Hailey said "Mom, why do you have bread?" I told her in case we get hungry, she dropped and never said anything else)
We are about thirty minutes from the mall, I was chatting with Michelle to see where we would meet and Annaliese, who had slept most of the way, woke up and said she wanted me to hold her. I explained I couldn't do that and drive at the same time. At which point she threw up - everywhere! In the car, in the carseat, on herself, everything! I am by myself with three kids and not very well equiped to clean up vomit. So, I pulled over and spent the next hour cleaning her up, going to the carwash to clean the car seat etc. NOT FUN!!! In the process I had to explain to Hailey what we were doing in Minnesota. So, the surprise was a little ruined. But, I only told her we were going to see Michelle - "for lunch".
We finally made it to the mall and had lunch with Michelle. She took the rest of the day off and then we headed to Libby Lu. I thought if we were going to do it, might as well make it special. Of course, Hailey picked the most expensive earrings, but she has good taste.
She went through the whole process very well and didn't even cry. She held Michelle's hands while Annaliese, Anderson and I looked on.

Anderson watching but not entirely thrilled with being in the stroller.

She was so proud of herself and kept saying the whole day that she didn't cry and her friends would be so excited to see her new earrings. The rest of the day she kept touching them and commenting over and over. It was really quite cute and now she is a big girl with pink star earrings.

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