Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New School Year

Last week began a new school year for the kids, well two of them anyway. School started on Wednesday, August 20th. Hailey started Second Grade and Jackson started Kindergarten. The week actually began with an open house on Monday where they brought their school supplies and met their teachers. There was a little picnic afterwards and then we were off to Annaliese's parent meeting at her preschool. Annaliese doesn't start preschool until September 9th, so we will add her big day later.

Open House Night - Jackson and Mrs. Steil, doesn't he look thrilled? Hailey and Mrs. Larson, she really does look excited!
So back to last Wednesday... The morning actually started off pretty well. We had set out clothes the night before and tried to ready ourselves as much as possible. I don't think it's very easy to get out of the house to begin with and especially now that we have a deadline! We even got the classic backpack shots in the yard before we left.

Hailey picks her own outfits, does her own hair and even poses for pictures. I was just happy to get a picture of Jackson smiling. I do think he is a little proud to be a big boy now, even though he won't admit it.

Jackson and Brad. And the girls, excited to be together again! Hailey, Jenae and Laetyn.
A lot of people have asked how the kids like school, what does Jack think, how is it only having two at home now, etc. Well for starters, anyone that knows Jack, knows that he doesn't really have an opinion either way. He is fine with going and he is fine with staying home. Although he is rather irritated that he doesn't get to play on the playground before school starts. (Side note: Michelle likes to think that Jackson has issues and he is ornery on his own, but I think he gets that easy irritation trait from her, I'm just sayin')

And as far as "just having two at home" well, yes, it's "just two" but it's still TWO! Ask me when they are all in school... Really though, it's nice. Annaliese and Anderson get along very well. They play house together and she can get him to do just about anything. She calls him "Buddy". So I hear her saying all the time, "Come on Buddy, you be the dog, I'll be the mom..." Or "Come on Buddy, you can do it, just go down one step at a time." (trying to get him to come downstairs) It's very sweet and even though I still have two at home, I love that they get along so well and are pretty low maintenance, at least so far.
I had the first intro conference with their teachers last night. Of course, not much to report, the teachers just like to know if there is anything we want them to know specifically. And just as I figured, Mrs. Steil - Jack's teacher, has already seen 'the look'. The disgusted look he gets on his face whenever he thinks that someone has wronged him or bumped into him the wrong way. Most of us have seen the look and now, Doreen has too. I pray for her grace this year, that she would have patience and find that special quality in Jackson that makes him lovable, at least when he wants to be.

A new school year also means I am reminded that I still need to finish my thesis. I know, I don't have much time to get it done now. Where have all the years gone? Oh wait, I know, I have been having kids left and right! Well, now that I am DONE with that part, I can hopefully get back on pace. Now don't hold me to it, but really, I am hoping that I can make some progress in that area. So, here's to the new school year. I am sure that we will all learn more than we thought we would. (BTW, I figured out that for just one year, I will have all the kids in one school, can you believe it?)

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