Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet before it has been assaulted by Annaliese and Anderson.

I realize that I haven't published anything about the flood or our house etc. But, I figure that most people that are reading this blog know about all of that anyway. I do plan on writing about it later, but right now, it's not high on the list of things I am eager to do. Given all of that, I will keep this short. We have now decided to tear down the house and start over. Either way, we would have needed new kitchen cabinets. We found a great site that had cabinets that we both liked. We ordered two of them so we could check out the quality, assembly etc. They are gorgeous, I mean, at least I really love them. What never occurred to me though, is to try them out on the kids. Because wouldn't you want to buy cabinets that could fit two toddlers comfortably on the inside?

I promise (especially to all my DHS friends reading this) I didn't make them go in there! A couple nights ago while we were visiting with friends and were mildly distracted, Annaliese and Anderson decided to use the opportunity to find the perfect hiding place. Eventually we heard this giggling coming from inside the cabinet and there they are. They thought it was terribly funny and I have to say we did too. It was even funnier when they figured out how to push out the drawer so they could pop out the top! Parenting tip - if you have to get new cabinets, make sure your kids like them too. Everyone's happy!

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The Hansen's said...

starting over!! what a project! I know it will be so much work, but you guys will have a beautiful home again when you are done :) let us know when you need some extra hands... seriously!!

those two are so dang cute together :)