Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This year I am the assistant soccer coach for Hailey's team and the head/asst for Jackson's team. We are almost done playing with just two games left to play. Interestingly, Jackson is pretty good at soccer but prefers football. They have won a couple and lost a couple, but I can see real promise in him as a player. Hailey is doing okay, but wants to play goalie all the time. This wouldn't be a problem if she weren't afraid of the ball - kind of an issue if you are goalie. We are working on it with her and she is doing better. She is just so tiny and seeing her in the goal with a bunch of girls rushing at her just doesn't seem quite right?  It's fun helping both of them with their skills, but I have to say I will have no problem letting others take over this spring. Hopefully this spring will be much warmer than it has been the last few weeks. I can do without playing in the rain and snow - ugh!


Jackson' team - Tom Boe is the CF Coaching Director and he helps with practices. We only have six players which makes for a tough game when you play 4x4. The boys get pretty worn out, especially since most of them have played flag football in the morning and come straight to their soccer game. We even have one on our team that says straight out he doesn't really like to score goals - really?!

Hailey's team - Rick Hulstein (Dara's dad) is the head coach. He does a fabulous job. He pitched in last spring after my back surgery to coach for me. He has a great talent for coaching and I am so thankful Hailey has him as a coach. We have ten girls on our team and play 6x6. I had four girls on the team last year, but the dynamic has totally changed with the move to U10 and adding other players.

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