Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update & Easter

It's been a few days or so since I last posted. Besides my guilt reminding me, I was on a friend's blog that shows mine as one she follows, and if that wasn't a reminder enough - it also lists when I had my last update. Eek! (Thanks Johnni!)
So, here's a quick update. It's not the one I intended as I had hoped to have more to report today, but that seems the way it goes lately.
We celebrated Annaliese's birthday as a family and ended up with this pic of me and girls

Last Sunday we had the Gerdes and Junker families over for a grill out. It was a little chilly! We moved the party inside and with all fourteen kids and six adults, it stilled turned out to be a fabulous get together!

Fast Forward to Easter... We celebrated with Brad's family in Sumner and then headed back to our house. This is Piper in her new wagon. Brad found a great deal at Scheel's on this Trek Trailster. It is the best wagon EVER! Piper absolutely loves it and I think we're renaming it "The Pipester"

We tried a few times to get a good shot of all the kids together. This one is just with ours. Totally impossible to get all the kids to look at the camera at the same time. The one of Anderson on the go is one of my new favorites. I think it's something about the angle?

After heading back to our house, we told the kids there were no eggs at Grandma and Grandpa's because Aunt Michelle wasn't able to be there with us. As we drove up, I thought for sure they would see all the eggs, but they were clueless for far too long! Several encouragements later for them to look around and they got the idea. They were soooo excited! This is Hailey and Jackson after the hunt - what a great sister/brother combo :)

This is where the part that I had hoped I had more to show would be. We did work on the house all weekend, besides the Easter things. However, it takes so much longer than we think and every step requires thought, more rethought, and then final action but only after second guessing the previous thought process?
The upside was this stump that has been in the way. Our friend Bugs offered to bring over his equipment and remove it for us. Look at how small it seems - in comparison...

Yeah - now we have this!!!! That thing was HUGE! We lost the stump, but also half the driveway. So now instead of hitting or driving over the stump, I can just drive into this hole the size of Big Woods Lake. Thanks Bugs!!! (No really, thank you so much!) We are very fortunate to have good friends willing to help out. I will try to get more done to show progress on the actual house.
 But don't hold me to that, in case it's a while until my next post?!
~ Misty

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Johnni said...

Wow, I didn't expect to make the blog... :) I'm going to have to second the "Pipester" name for the wagon. Looks heavy duty!