Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Growth

Last summer I transplanted a bunch of hostas from our front yard to a side yard fence. I was hoping to save them even though it wasn't the ideal time to transplant. Here is what they looked like after I transplanted them last summer.
 I have been holding my breath this spring waiting to see if they made it. Everyone else's hostas have been coming up and even have some small blooms already. I checked and checked on mine and nothing. Then,
finally, we have new growth! 

I know there are some obvious parallels to my life right now - these hostas made it through the flood, being transplanted, and are growing strong again.

 In other house news, the garage trusses were delivered today. The windows are being delivered on Friday and the doors will be here next week. After the garage rebar is tied together (I think that's my job?) the floor will be poured and they can frame the first floor of the garage. We are having Steve do the trusses and second floor. It's really going the change the look of the house - in a good way, trust me. I don't have a timeline for that yet, just sometime in May. Stay Tuned!
~ Misty


Stephanie said...

I'm so happy about the hostas. I'm sure that was super comforting. :)

Sarah Craft said...

Hooray for spring and happy plants!! My growing thumb is the opposite of green. So I hold my breath each and every spring that somehow something will have survived winter, and survived me. Now let's hope your house sprouts just as quickly as those hostas.