Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Second Story

The second story went up yesterday. This is all they were able to finish before the rain started. I snapped it quick before I hustled all the kids home. They were a little frightened with the storms. Unfortunately, they called a rain day today so it's looking more like Friday before it will be done. The two open spots are where the dormers go. There will be two on the other side as well. I'm hoping the stairs get done sooner than later so we can start storing some things up there. I almost took a picture from the upstairs so you could see the view, but it was pouring this morning and there's currently no roof, so that will have to wait.
We chose to put this room above the garage because we had to fill in our basement. And looking at it now, if we were able to have a basement, I don't think we would have this room. This is our "basement" with a view!

~ Misty

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