Monday, May 23, 2011

May Update

I think I delay updating until I have something substantial to share. I/we do have a lot going on, but I keep thinking well, when this gets done, then I'll post. Or, when we finish this, I'll post. You know how it goes. So, this is an abbreviated update of the last couple weeks. And yes, I do have something big to share - literally BIG!!!
Foot Pedals!
I have been catching a lot of grief over these. But, I love them!!! I originally read about them in a Food Network Magazine. They were in Guy Fieri's home kitchen, I thought, "Those are awesome!" After some research online and talking to Brad, he agreed that they would work for the island sink. I absolutely love them! It's just another touch that makes our house unique.
I made this picture a little larger so you could see Piper's expression. She clearly doesn't like this cage/kennel as some call it. Technically, it's a "gate" but I bought it for the front steps. It makes into a kind of pen that also works to keep her contained. But, she's not a fan. 
Our yard is far from being landscaped. However, I did plant some flowers around our mailbox. At least we can have one little bright spot until we get everything else done.

I wrote about this on facebook, but didn't post here. The shakes have been a nightmare for me. We decided on one color and after I had painted a double coat on quite a few of them, we decided to put them up. Only to discover the coloring wasn't right. So, Brad picked another color. I double coated those and after putting them up, it's the right color. BUT! The ones that were already up have to be painted while I'm up on the ladder. That's a long way up! I was able to get these painted (on the left) but that was as far as I could get without moving the ladder. Round two should happen this coming weekend.

We received a playset from our good friends, the Dekoster's. We took it down and carted it to our house earlier this week. We plan to attach it to the current playset in the background. Eventually, it will all end up in our enclosed back yard. In the meantime it will be in the open part of the back yard. Thanks to John and Ange!

The garage is getting built! That's the big news! They think they will be done by Wednesday. I think the second floor goes up tomorrow. There will be a "man cave" above the garage. It will totally change the look of the house. I can't wait to see it all done!

~ Misty


Stephanie said...

Your house is going to be so gorgeous. Piper looks hilarious in that jail. I mean...gated area. ;) Funny...Jack seems to be quite alright with it!

Misty said...

Thanks Steph! Yeah, she cries most of the time I put her in it, but I really do need it to block the steps. When will you be back in CF/Wloo? I need your help on this blog! btw - you seriously need to shed that complex thing you talked about. I think You Rock!