Wednesday, September 14, 2011

House Update

This summer we worked constantly on the house. By "we" I mean everyone, even the kids. At this point, we have most of the electric done, but still have more to finish. We shifted gears and started to work on getting the outside done. We really need to get the soffit finished and the place closed up before it starts to get any colder. When you think about building a house, you generally don't think of all the little things that have to get done before you can see any "progress". But all those little things take a lot of time. Some of the progress you can see now is that we've started the stone work on the pillars and the chimney. The picture below is what it looks like before.
 This is the side entrance to the house on the driveway side, with the pillars done. We will wrap the posts so it will look like the front pillars.

After the pillars are done, but before the steps are finished.

And now you can see the chimney taking shape. The shakes are also up on the east side of the house. The are other areas we have worked on while they were doing the stone, like the west side of the house and a lot more painting of trim and shakes. 
We are still hoping to be in before Thanksgiving. But really, it's hard to say when we'll get in until the electric is done and the drywall is up. I think it should go pretty fast after that. Every time I go over to work on the house, it's harder to leave. Some days I just want to throw in an air mattress and rough it out. We could make it an "adventure". What do you think?!
~ Misty

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