Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another House Update

You know you're slacking as a blogger when your husband even asks for you to update it! I admit, it's been a while. Perhaps I'm only meant to be a quarterly update blogger? At any rate, lots of stuff happening at the house. Still making progress, but very slowly.  Here's a few of the inside, as requested by Brad.
Insulation is done in the house with the exception of the part above the porch which will be blown in this weekend. This is the kitchen. Brad actually finished drywalling everything in the kitchen last night, but this is the only picture I have so far. The black paper and wire on the island is prep for the stone.

 Fireplace with prep started for the stone.
Drywall was first started on the ceiling of the boys' room. The ceiling is now completed, but haven't gotten to the walls yet. The little space to the left is their hideout area.

I can't remember if I had posted a picture of Brad's "Man Cave" or not? This is the room above the garage. It won't be completed until after we are in the house. For right now, it's storage for all our things. I've started bringing totes of stuff over to help when we actually do move in.

Finally, an updated picture of the outside of the house. It looks like the sidewalk will have to wait until spring. But, at least we can drive and walk easier on the driveway.
I had hoped we would be in before Christmas, but I'm not convinced that will happen. We are really behind in everything. It all takes soooo much longer than we anticipate. We both feel like we should be further along by now. Nights and weekends just aren't enough. I wish I was able to do more during the day, but having Piper and Anderson at home makes it difficult. Hopefully after the drywall is done, I can have them over during the day while I work.  Trying to get ready for the holidays just isn't the same when we're not in our house yet. Until then, I'm still thankful for a place to live, my house or not. 
~ Misty

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Sarah Craft said...

Moving in before Christmas would be amazing but you'd still be living in boxes. Just think how wonderful Christmas at your own house will be next year when you have time to settle in first. You are THE most patient person I know and deserve a beautiful place to call home. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!