Monday, January 28, 2013

Live TV!

Hailey was chosen from her Alpha group to be on the Trivia Team representing North Cedar. Her and Brady Hoth participated in the contest against two boys from Lincoln. It was filmed live at City Hall as part of the Hotline Trivia series. The winners from each of the schools goes on to compete later. Unfortunately, they didn't win. However, she was outstanding! The entire experience was amazing to watch. We are so proud of her for competing. Hailey and Brady both worked together very well and acted like a team. I'm continually impressed with Hailey, she's so smart, kind and caring. She has exceeded our expectations in many ways. Stepping out of her comfort zone to compete in this event is one way she continues to challenge herself. If you have a chance to check it out, it's on CFU Channel 15. They will be running repeats for a while. I'm hoping it's posted on youtube later so I can have a permanent link. For now, I have these pictures to share.
This was at the beginning. All of the kids looked terrified! 
This is what they were looking at during the Trivia. All the parents and teachers were seated to the left. I'm not sure if it was harder for her or for us sitting and watching?  
It was a tie all the way to the end. Hailey and Brady did so well! Go North Cedar!!!
~ Misty

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