Friday, May 23, 2008

My New Best Friend(s)

For Mother's Day this year, I finally got an Ipod. It's pink and cute and I love it! For some reason, this little gadget has given me permission to get plugged in, and tune everything else out. It has been a little piece of heaven for me. As you know, it gets crazy around here... So, I have been experimenting with all the things you can do with it and putting tons of music on. Going through all my cds is taking a little time, but worth it. I have been taking it with me everywhere, don't worry, leaving out one ear piece, I can still hear the kids screaming. At any rate, thought I would share that she is one of my new best friend's. I really think I should give her a name, i'll think on that a while.

She goes hand in hand with the treadmill. Kind of a story in and of itself. Together, these two new gals, the Ipod and Treadmill, have become my new best friends. Yes, Brad, I am feminizing the treadmill.

Brad is well known for his "projects", his expensive purchases that he later justifies. (The divorce conversation I had with my mother about the snowmobile years back - remember that? And I am not emotional, but that one brought tears to my eyes.)

Okay, back on point, I got the call that he found another deal from Scheel's - big surprise. He wanted to buy this treadmill that was originally $2200. And he could get it for only $107. You see where this conversation is going, he already bought it and was bringing it home regardless of what I thought. So, there is sits in the garage until he can take it apart and fix it. Quite like many of the other "projects"... Well, he finally fixed it, got it to the basement and discovered that Scheel's had just assembled the wires incorrectly. Needless to say, Brad is supremely proud of himself. Now, for me, being skeptical as I am, it took me actually using it to give him due credit.

Long story short, the two girls are my new best friends and we have been meeting daily. You will see the results soon!

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