Monday, January 19, 2009

Just Like Her Grandma (and mom)

We have figured out that Hailey is a true Hurley. She loves to watch tv with Grandma Hazel, she likes Sci-fi like Grandma Hazel and she now loves to sit on the couch with a laptop, like Grandma Hazel (and really, me too).

Brad left this evening to get his sled from Oelwein and graciously took the kids, minus Hailey. She wanted to stay with me and read. After she was done reading, she asked if she could do her Webkinz. I agreed and did my Soul Food calls, dishes, etc. When I finally checked in on her in the living room, there she was - all comfy cozy on the couch with the laptop. My first thought was, "Oh my! Doesn't this look familiar?!" Of course, I had to take a picture, it was so cute.

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