Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year's Eve

We got together at the Thompson's to celebrate the New Year. The kids were all invited, so all total we had 10 adults and seventeen kids. Now you might think that would be a recipe for disaster, but amazingly, we only had one child that got tied up (she did it to herself, just ask her!)

Anderson and Katelyn Doyle - Hailey and Megan Doyle

Katelyn Thompson being untied. Ann: "Who tied the knot?" Katie: "I did!" Ann: "Really, all by yourself?" Katie: "Yep, I did it, all by myself!"

The Girls - Can you see the "wine blush"?!
(John Thomas, Brad, Tom Tjaden, Mike Doyle and Jason Thompson)
All the guys in the kitchen. Frankly, I think they would have preferred to be there close to the food all night. Instead of being "forced" to play games. I don't think they can complain too much though. The food was awesome and they won at Pictionary for the second year in a row. Trust me, that won't happen again!
All in all a great evening and a perfect way to bring in the New Year with awesome friends.

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