Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd Grade Bible

Hailey recieved her bible from Orchard Hill Church this past Sunday. The service was held in the Sanctuary specifically for the 2nd grade parents and family. I was shocked at how many 2nd graders there are at OHC! They just kept coming in and coming in...

Judy Walsten led the service by talking to parents and family about what our jobs are as parents to lead our children in their walk with Christ and ensuring that we are giving them the foundations at home that they will require as they grow older. It is our hope as well, as her parents, that we are raising her in a way that compliments and reinforces what she is learning from her Bible. This was a special day for Hailey and for us to see her so happy to be part of this process. Her small group leaders presented her the bible. She was the second one to receive a bible.

As Hailey held her bible, she watched all of her friends receiving their bibles. She had the biggest smile on her face and you could tell that she was just as happy for them as she was for herself. Hailey is one of the most genuine, selfless children I know. She truly wants others to be happy. I once watched her as another little girl won a drawing for a free book. She was so excited, jumping up and down for that little girl and didn't even care that she hadn't won. I wish that I had half the consideration for others that she has. I have a lot to learn from her, what an amazing thing.

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Dave said...

and of course she is stylin as always :) what a great day for her! :) Jess