Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday was quite a busy day for us. I don't think I really sat down to relax until we watched the game. Took the kids to church, came home and prepped for Superbowl, then took Hailey to her performance at UNI with Anderson and Annaliese, rushed home to fry the wings and then raced over to the Thompson's to watch the game. Whew! Long day, but it was fun.

Annaliese and Anderson showing off their tattoos.
Hailey is in the middle of the picture, next to the girl jumping up.

Hailey spent all day Saturday at UNI for the Girl Scout Cheer Clinic. They performed on Sunday at the UNI Women's Basketball game. Hailey did great, much better than last year. She didn't seem to be quite as nervous. Shortly after we arrived, a cheerleader told us about the kids table to get tattoos, so I took Anderson and Annaliese to do that. We took numerous trips up and down the stairs, me carrying them up and down, not an easy task. (My legs are killing me today!) They did really well though and they were so excited to see Hailey. I did catch a video of her doing the dance part.

After we were done at UNI, the Thompson's hosted a Super Bowl Party. We were a little outnumbered rooting for the Steeler's because everyone is a Kurt Warner fan, being that he went to UNI. And I do like Kurt, but Brad is a Steeler's fan and Jackson got the whole jersey, helmet etc. for Christmas, so that is who we rooted for. I swear I haven't seen Brad that interested in a football game in a long time, maybe ever? He's not much of a sports fan, but he definitely delighted in the win. Jackson sporting his jersey, which he also wore to school today. What a stud!

Couple shots of the princess girls and the princesses on the couch :)

I like to call this one "Feel the love..."!

Ann and Denise doing their own version of Wipe Out. We watched that during the half time show and everyone was laughing, even the kids. Of course, leave it to Denise to find the ball and improvise!

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