Saturday, April 4, 2009

St. Pat's Party

We celebrated St. Pat's this year at the Thomas home. They always throw a fun party and we definitely had fun!

A great pic of all the ladies, Jenny's in the shaker - a great drink John!

Love the glasses we got at Galena. We even brought back a pair for Ann and Buffy. You have to have props!
Gettin' Jiggy Melissa! Ann will get to show off her side pony in full glory at the Landsgard 80's party coming up!
The happy Irish couple :)
A short backtrack here. Right before we left to go to the party, Anderson fell off the couch onto the magazine rack. His eye started to swell up right away. This picture was taken the day after and he had quite a shiner for a while. Of course I took a picture and he smiled for it. Such a trooper!

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