Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture Season

I think one of the most expensive things about back to school is the amount of money I have to shell out for pictures. We have school pictures for all the kids, soccer pictures for Hailey and Jackson, gymnastic pictures for Hailey and Annaliese and football pictures for Jackson. I can't imagine how much this is going to cost once all of them are in school! But, I am a sucker for pictures, so I pay up and grin from ear to ear when they come back. And I love those buttons you can get - what's another $10 anyway? We still don't have Jack's football or soccer ones back yet, but here are some of this season's pictures.

Jackson is in 1st grade this year. Kind of a stiff smile, but it works. Hailey is in 3rd grade. This year she showed some teeth, love her smile.

When we showed up for the gymnastics pictures, the girls had to do theirs individually and then with their teams. She asked if I wanted the girls together and I was going to say no, but then I figured why not. I am bummed I didn't get a wallet of this one, it turned out adorable. Hailey's soccer picture, U10 this year, the ball is bigger than her head!
When I get Jackson's pictures in, I will post those as well. He wanted to make sure we got a button for Brad of his soccer picture. Nice to know they appreciate those too.

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