Monday, September 14, 2009


I know this is really pitiful that I haven't updated since April. We had a full summer as I am sure most of you did. Now it's over and it still feels like summer. I'm wondering where all this hot and humid weather was in July?! So, this is a quick update on our summer. Basically, we worked on the house and went to the pool, but there were a few fun things in there...

Annaliese's picnic for the end of preschool - one of my favorite pictures.

VBS in June - kids had a blast with Crocodile Dock.

Sturgis Falls in June - We walked with the Sno-Hawks, the Cedar Valley Snowmobile club. Jackson rode his Kitty Cat and the girls were there to look pretty.

Time out for good friends. We got together with Elke, Jonna and Ellie and all the kids. I miss hanging out with them, definitely need to do it more often!

The girls had pedicures with Grandma Bev. It was Annaliese's first time, I think she's hooked!

Family reunion weekend - Friday we had a luncheon in Sumner, the girls look so pretty.

We had a Hurley family weekend at Hickory Hills, the same weekend as the Westendorf reunion, so we tried to fit it all in. The kids had fun and made t-shirts and hats to take home.

The Block Family at the reunion. One of the best family pictures we have taken.

Grandpa Wayne was even smiling!

Anderson turned 3 on August 21st (also our 10 year anniversary) I made these little pupcakes that turned out so cute. I do need to practice, but pretty good for a first try. Anderson loved them.

So, that's my update. Not sure what happened to pictures of July? Oh well, that's what I get for procrastinating. Seriously, I do hope to be a little more consistent with posting. Kids are all back in school (I should probably find those pics and post those?) for the most part it's just Annaliese and Anderson, minus her preschool time.

Things are getting more and more hectic this fall. We are on the tail end of finishing the flip house (I know, another post I should do...) the kids have started their sports. Hailey is in soccer and gymnastics, I am the assistant coach for her soccer team this year. Annaliese is in gymnastics. Jackson is doing flag football and soccer, first time for both. Fortunately, Anderson hasn't started sports yet!

We do have some things to look forward to - the flip house will be done soon and then we can start on our house. We have a floor plan finalized and I can't wait to get that going. Brad and I are also going on an Eastern Caribbean cruise at the end of October to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Hard to believe it's been that long.

I can't promise that I will be that diligent on updates but I don't think I can get much worse! I need to follow the lead of my fellow bloggers that do this so much better than me - Jen, Kimber, Jess, etc.!
Happy Fall~

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The Hansen's said...

Great new pictures!! I know I tell you this all the time... but seriously, you have some of the cutest kids I've ever seen!! love the update :) sounds like hectic hasn't even begun for you guys? I'll ask you how hectic things are in... oh about 9 months ;-)

I need to get some pics to you that I took of your boys in the sturgis parade... it's on my to-do list!

Happy House Flipping and starting your own soon!!