Monday, April 30, 2012

Doors and More~

We've been busy getting the rest of the doors hung this past weekend.  Well, that should be phrased as Brad has been busy. I'm not really a door-hanger type gal. We do still need to do trim and that's where my part comes in. Brad has neither the patience or time to do the trim, so I get the honors.

 Piper's room, on the left, now has a door. This is a huge deal, she can now take a nap in her own room instead of the playpen in my bathroom which was the quietest part of the house. Closet doors are hung and ready for trim as well. All the doors still need to be painted, again, I get the honors.
Another hurdle was getting the railings done on the stairs and carpeting. It's sooo much quieter now. I wish I had half the energy of my children. They go up and down, up and down, up and down, you get the idea. 

All of the kids now have their own beds. We bought three yesterday to finish off the kids' rooms. We are still working on headboards and dressers. The girls got some of their things hung on the walls and are so excited to have their own spaces. Closet doors still need to be hung, right now, I'm just glad the majority of their clothes are off the floor.
Brad is working on the kids' bathroom today. Getting all the tile done around the shower, including the built-in shelves for each child.  He chose this layout for the floor, because you know nothing is ever simple for him. I think we are doing the wainscoting on the wall in white. It will be nice to have another bathroom area done. It's getting a little tight in the half-bath lately. 
And finally my laundry room door. Some might say it's small, I like to call it cozy. 

~ Misty

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