Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is Coming

It's true, Christmas is coming. So, we needed a tree. Last year, we waited too long and had to get one of the last two trees that was left at Earl May. Usually, we go cut ours down from the Kris Kringle tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving. We made it there this year, just a couple weekends off. All the boys had their hand at cutting it down. Starting with Jackson while Anderson threw a fit because he thought he wouldn't get a turn. And Brad finishing it off. He has a hat on this year, so no funny head shots.

 The girls and I watched while they did the dirty work. Piper wasn't too thrilled with the whole snow suit thing, but it was sooo cold! She looked like a stuffed marshmallow waddling around.

 Last week, I decided it was time for a change, so I had my hair done darker and shorter. It's a bit of a drastic change, but I think it works. The lighting is hard in this picture to tell how dark and red it is, kind of like red wine. We took a bunch of other shots that actually turned out better, but I liked this one. Piper was trying to get in on the action and was very upset that she wasn't in the picture. So, there ya go Pipe! And in the background you can see the tree decorated by the Block kids. No shortage of tinsel there.
~ Misty

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Jon Mark Sickels said...

You have a beautiful family, Misty. The last time i saw you, you were still in diapers. Now it looks like you have changed a lot of them! Keep God First, your family second, and everything else will fall into place. God Bless you all in this Christmas season.