Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

It's finally about over, this year that is. As optimistic as I was about the new year at the beginning, it turned out to be a bear. Granted, some good things happened, but generally, it's a year I will be happy to put behind me. Instead of focusing on all that was difficult or didn't go as I had planned, I'm going to try to leave that behind and look ahead. This picture was taken Christmas day.
I am most thankful for my family and that everyone is healthy. 

I have a friend that says it's cliche to have a resolution that starts on New Year's Day, so I'll start now. Well, I'll start thinking about things now. Overall, I'm ready to move into the red albatross. I'm ready to have my own space. I'm sure everyone else is ready too. I'm ready to have someone ask me if we are in our house yet? and actually say yes! We are in the drywall phase right now. We've actually hired someone to come and start the mudding and taping next week. I do think it will go quicker then. Most of the first floor has the drywall hung and we're hoping to finish that up by the end of the weekend with inspection on Tuesday.

There are several personal goals I've set for myself. I'm reluctant to call them a resolution, just things I really want to change. Among them, be healthier, drop those last few piper pounds, lower my overall stress level, be more consistent in my parenting and relationships. There are some fun ones too. I would like to do the 52 new recipes in 2012, run a 5k (or more?) focus on my writing, do more with this blog....

Any new goals or resolutions for you? If you would like to read some perspective that a friend shared, check out this blog, I did and it helped a lot as I was thinking about how I could make this year great - 30 things

~ Misty

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like you have some good goals! You should run the Pink Ribbon race with us in October!

Fingers crossed you get into your house as soon as possible! I know the feeling...while this "house" is only our family...we outgrew it a few years ago so finding a bigger place is our numero uno focus this year!

Your family is as gorgeous as ever! Happy New Years Block Family!