Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Piper's Kitchen

I finished Piper's kitchen just in time for Christmas. It has been, by far, the gift I have been most excited to give. I don't think I would have attempted it if it weren't for Brad's help. He was able to cut the holes for the sink for me and help attach all the hardware. But, in the end it was my project, so I'm taking the rest of the credit.
I totalled up my cost in the project and my best estimate was around $50 or so. That includes the actual cabinet, wood for the back, all the hardware, paint and fabric. The two most expensive things were the unit (15) and the faucet (20) which actually is a laundry faucet that works if it's hooked up to water. Brad asked if I wanted him to plumb her room for the sink? That was a very quick NO! Can you imagine the disaster that would cause?!
The first picture is her the day after Christmas with her kitchen before I moved it into the actual kitchen. Still a mess from Christmas, you can see that she's a little on the short side yet. She has been using the potty for a step stool, rest assured, she doesn't actually pee in the potty yet...
I put hooks on the right side of the kitchen to hang her apron and pot holders. And on the left side, I painted a picture frame and added "Piper's Kitchen" to the top of it. However, when I tried to glue on the metal for the magnet board, it messed up the side of the frame. I still haven't fixed it yet, but when I do, I will attach it to the side so she can put her letter magnets on it and maybe her shopping list :)

So, it's finally done and I can quit obsessing over it. The good news is that Piper loves it, plays with it all the time and the other kids do too. I wish I would have seen this idea when Hailey was little. Maybe someday if I have a niece, she can use it when Piper's done with it.

~ Misty

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