Thursday, December 29, 2011

What to Read?

My amazing sister, Michelle, and brother-in-law, Dustin, bought me a Kindle for Christmas. I love, love, love books! I have a gazillion books - yes that's an actual word, well for me anyway. Just ask Brad, he's had to move them from house to house and even in a boat after the flood. My dilemma is that I have soooo many books and I love to read them. I'm often reading several at a time. But now, I have this Kindle. So, what do I read? I need some input on the best way to use mine?
I have downloaded a lot of free things so far. I have some books, fiction and non-fiction. And I did some word games, that the kids and I are all enjoying. But how do you decide what to read? What tools work best for you on the kindle? I am overwhelmed by the whole notes and highlighting thing. I read that you can transfer things from your email to your kindle. Does anyone know of any other cool tools or tricks? I am excited about the fact that you can save where you're at and go back to it later. I also like that there are endless possibilities for books to download, but where to start?! Hmmm, oh the choices!!!
~ Misty

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