Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finish Work

This week has been full of finish work and we're not even half way through yet.  I had some help today with the painting. The girls have really wanted to help with their room, so I gave in and let them have a roller. They did really well and we almost finished it. I ran out of paint, a familiar problem for me. Here's Hailey with her purple side of the room:
Annaliese had a good handle on the pink side of the room 
 Brad and I managed to get the rest of the flooring in, save for the carpet that will happen on Friday or Saturday? He is laying that himself. He says he doesn't want to pay someone else to do something so easy. But here, you can see the layout of the carpet. We wanted to be able to get from the front door to the kitchen and side door without having to step on the carpet.
We have been eating here more often. We brought down the table and the kids had fun eating there for the first time. Jackson is at grandma's so he missed out.  
Brad has been laying out the counter top base to get an idea of what size we want. The appliances are in and working. It's so nice to have the ovens, fridge and microwave here now.
 I painted all of the main areas in the hallway yesterday and then, ran out of paint. Argh! It's a hard place to get at for what I have left to paint. I think Brad is going to rig up some sort of contraption so I can get at the high spots.
I also had the "opportunity" to do my first tile work. Brad showed me how to do it and I put up all the tile. He even showed me how to use the tile saw, so I did the last few cuts myself. I grouted it the next day and I do have to say I think I did a good job. Don't you?
Move in day is on Saturday, still have lots to do. More trips to Menard's to get more paint...

~ Misty

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