Friday, March 2, 2012

A little more progress...

Things are moving along at the Block House. We are still set on the March 17th move in date. It looks like at this point, the upstairs won't be ready, but that's okay. I guarantee it will happen quickly after we move in. Brad has been working hard on the kitchen getting it ready. This weekend should see even more progress in there. I hate to say anymore about it and jinx myself. Here's a few progress pics:
Half-Bath - Do you like the shower curtain "door"? At least it matches! Doors are all in for the house, will be delivered tomorrow. We can now wash our hands in an actual sink instead of a tub. Yay! 
Double ovens are in, will be working by tomorrow. Still need to add the trim. All the cabinets on this wall need to be installed before we can start the stone arch over the cook top and vent. I think that part of the stone will be started next week? 
Stone on the island is completed. The supports will go up and then the counter top will go on. We figured out a substitute for the counter tops until we can pour the concrete counter tops.
We finished the floors in Piper's room last weekend. This is the same floor we will have in the  rest of the house. We're very happy with how it turned out. It's encouraging for how well it went together, a promising sign that it won't be terribly difficult to do in the rest of the house.
I'm hoping to be able to post more progress next week. It's exciting to get to this point where it's all starting to come together. Only fifteen days left!!!

~ Misty

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