Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deal #117, 118, 119...

One of the good things about taking so long to build our house are all the deals we have found. A vast majority of our appliances, building supplies, electrical etc. have all been fantastic clearance or closeout deals. I think I may have mentioned them on here before? At any rate, our latest finds include this microwave. It was one of the last things on our list that we need for the house. It's been rather difficult to find what we want on sale because they typically don't go on sale. It will be built into the cabinet and Brad wanted it to match the brand of the other appliances we have. When he was in Ames last week, he stopped at the Lowe's there, as he always does, and found this microwave. It was a special order return and originally was priced at $233.00. Brad knows the manager there in that dept. and asked if he would take less. He did and our final cost was $100.00. Score!!! Basically, it will cost more to build it into the cabinet than the whole unit cost.
The next find was our crown moulding. There's an Omega outlet that's open on Wednesdays in Denver. We've heard a lot about it, but never stopped in. I heard it can get pretty crazy as the deals are outrageous, and it's first come, first serve.  A couple of weeks ago, Brad was in the area and decided to check it out. He found all of this solid maple crown moulding. Originally, in a store like Menard's, this can run anywhere from $15/piece to upwards of $25/piece, depending on the detail.  Guess how much we paid?

$1.50 each piece!
That's right, a single dollar-fifty. Another huge score! He started with 100 pieces and then went back and bought more, slightly different pieces that he plans to rip and use as part of our baseboards. I am so excited to see what it looks like when it's put up! And the best part is that I don't have to paint it, Brad is going to spray all of it. Yay!!!!!
More deals coming soon...
~ Misty

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