Monday, January 30, 2012

Laundry Anyone?

I could also categorize this under steals and deals! The last two appliances we need for the house were the washer and dryer. I really did not want to move in without these two essential items. I would have settled for something out of the swap sheet to be quite honest. But alas, Brad came through again!
The Lowe's in Ames has been very good to us. Brad stops there frequently to check out their deals. They are the largest volume store in Iowa, which explains why they clearance so much and so often. The washer happened to be a return and repair. It has a scratch on the top and needs a new knob. None of this phases Brad when he's scoping out a deal. Of course, when he calls me he leads with, "They are currently on sale right now for $1099 each." I'm thinking, whoa, too much. And then he lets me in on the deal,  the washer is priced at $350! He snagged it up quick and said he would  be back later to pick it up.
We still need a dryer. So he drives to Altoona and stops at their Lowe's. They have a new dryer, scratch on the side, but new. It's priced at $659. Brad offers less, gets turned down and then chats up the manager a bit.  Ten minutes later he gets it for $600. Yay! But, that's not even the best part...

Brad comes home, rents a van, drives to Ames to get the washer. He starts talking to the manager that he had worked with earlier and the manager says he will take $250 for it! YES! I know! Smokin' hot deal!!!
He picked up the dryer in Altoona and by the end of the day we have our washer and dryer for less than the cost of one unit. I love a good deal and that's hard to beat! So, we totalled up all that we have saved on our appliances by getting deals and waiting for sales. Brad says it's just over $5000. Again, another upside to "taking our time" building this house :) 

Stay tuned for more steals and deals.... 

~ Misty


Stephanie said...

SCORE. I'm still using Grandma and Grandpas old washer and dryer and it's crazy, but...those old things were built to last. They keep on truckin!

Oh. Also. Tag! You're it!

Becky Bartlett said...

Unbelievable!! That's awesome, Brad!!