Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Try-It-Out Tuesday

A lot of the blogs I read have catchy little phrases for different days of the week, like Muffin Tin Monday, What I Ate Wednesday etc. It seems like a good way to have an accountable system for posting and it goes along with my goal to try 52 recipes this year (one per week, or so). I thought if I had a specific day I posted it, it would be easier for me to do. Remembering back to when I had my photoblog a couple of years ago, I did very well keeping up with it and generally tried to post every week or sooner. 

I was pretty proud of myself when I came up with this one. I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep and naturally thinking about a ton of random things. Eventually, I thought about my goals for the year and this blog. I like to come up with catchy ways to remember things and mused over different ways to phrase my idea. I also wanted to be able to shorten it. I thought about Thursday, but there was nothing short about that and Thursday sounds so much longer than Tuesday. There are no "r's" in the week, and if I'm trying it, then Tuesday seemed to be the best option. Where to go from there? I thought I had it when I did "try-it" Tuesday, but what do you get when you put that together with the first letters? Not going to work! I added the "out" and that's much better: Try-It-Out Tuesday aka TIO Tuesday.  So, that's how I came up with it and the hard part starts, actually doing it.

I'm very guilty of reading recipes, going to the store, buying everything I need and... never making it. Right now in my cupboard, I have a large jar of wheat germ (who eats wheat germ?!) a small jar of imported gourmet non-pareil capers (for making peppercorn sauce) and an unopened box of sugar in the raw (who knows what recipe that was for?). I'm hoping that this challenge/goal will help with my "problem". That being said, the only rule I have for this thing is that the recipe is new to me. Not a version of something I've already made or something that I try out-to-eat. It can be anything, from anywhere or anyone. I have a plethora of options in that category. I am in love with pinterest, as stated before, and I subscribe to several cooking magazines. All of that combined with an abundance of cookbooks, I think I'm good to go.

So what's my first TIO? I think I'm going to go with the Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos I made on NYE. I realize that's slightly before the first of the year, but in reality, there were still some left after midnight so that counts right? I don't happen to have a picture of the ones that I made, but they looked exactly like these:
I believe the overall consensus was that they were very good. I do make a jalapeno popper that is filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and brushed with bbq sauce, but they are completely different from these. Would I make them again? I think yes, but I would change a couple things in the recipe, like less parm cheese and less ranch dressing than what is in the recipe. 
There you have it, my first TIO. One down, fifty-one to go...

~ Misty

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Stephanie said...

I'll definitely be interested in seeing what you try out!