Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TIO Tuesday - Ranch Porkchops

I made an awesome pork chop recipe. I swear I've seen the recipe and the post it came from before, but I didn't have it saved on my favorites and I know I've never made it. I had some center cut loin chops I bought and wanted to use, along with the rest of the heavy cream from another recipe. I did a quick search and came across a recipe, which led me back to pinterest, which led me to this recipe for Ranch House Crock Pot Pork chops. And wouldn't you know, I forgot to save that link too, so it's saved now and ready to make on a whim.
It was literally soooo easy. I jumped up from my seat and threw it together in about 2 minutes. There, done! It was done long before the quoted time in the recipe, so it fell off the bone and was a little difficult to get out of the crock pot. Not a bad problem to have. Here's the picture plated after crock pot:

I did not make the Parmesan potatoes  in the recipe because, quite frankly, I like my potatoes just fine. Not that I won't try those at another time, but for tonight, I used my own. Occasionally I will use the potatoes to make the kids' initials, as you see here in this picture:

Brad wanted to eat more than his portion before I even had the kids served. And to be honest, he can be a tough sell. He has no qualms about telling me when he doesn't like something I've made. For his third serving, he put the gravy over the potatoes and his input was something along the lines of, "if you made your potatoes with that gravy in a restaurant, you would sell a ton!" I love it when a recipe goes over well. This is definitely getting added to our regular routine of meals. And while it's not "gourmet", I consider anything that my whole family will eat a success.

Here's the recipe with my notes on what I changed, I left out the potatoes part, but if you go to the link above, you can get the entire recipe.

Ranch House Crock Pot Pork Chops

6 pork chops, 1/2 inch thick **I used center cut loin chops
1 packet dry Ranch Dressing Seasoning
10 oz can Cream of Chicken Soup

** I used two cans of soup, one packet (will use 2 next time) and about 1/3 cup heavy cream, mixed it up together and poured over top of chops.

Place pork chops, Ranch seasoning and soup into a medium sized crock pot over high heat for 4 hours or low heat for 6 hours.

So easy it's shameful!!!

~ Misty

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shane and jackee said...

Hi Misty! Found your blog and you have some great ideas! Might have to try this recipe out! Thanks for sharing! :)