Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Fun

Most of you that know our family know that Brad is a huge snowmobiler. It was part of the package when we married. His family is all Arctic Cat, green and black all the way. Now that there's finally a little snow on the ground, he had an opportunity to take the kids out for a ride and let them ride the kitty cat. The person least thrilled with this was Piper. As you can see, she doesn't look very happy.
 I think this is the part that scared her!
 It doesn't even phase Annaliese, she loved it!
 An action shot of Jackson and Anderson. This worked well until Jackson wanted to do it by himself and then Anderson threw a fit - typical.
I had already turned the camera off and was inside watching when I heard the sled rev up and another loud sound. When I looked to that area, I saw Brad's hat in the ditch and then Jack and Anderson running after him with a big green piece of plastic. Um, yeah, Brad ripped off the rear flap jumping the ditch. Oops!
 ~ update: the flap is now fixed :) ~

~ Misty

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